Simpler Systems offers two products - Simpler Legal and Simpler Valuation. The philosophy of both products is to make the complex simple. Simpler Systems' products are web-based and have a high focus on user friendliness and accessibility.

Simpler Legal

Simpler Legal provides you with the essential overview of the group entities.

Simpler Valuation

Easy to use DCF valuation with the possibility of integration with your company's BI System.

Simpler Consulting

Simple solutions to complex problems.

Data Import

Easy integration with your existing systems. Entities, users, data, etc. can be imported.

Data Export

Data in both Simpler Legal and Simpler Valuation can be exported to PDF and Excel. This makes it easy to share with directors, auditors, customers and other external partners..


Simpler Legal and Simpler Valuation are both web-based systems and do not require installation or maintenance of any kind of software on the user's computer. The only requirement is a web browser.


Simpler Legal and Simpler Valuation are both developed taking into account the modern enterprise where mobility is key. Therefore Simpler Systems' products are accessible "on the fly" - via laptop, tablet or smartphone.